Northern Brushtail Possum

Northern Brushtail Possum (Trichosurus vulpecula arnhemensis)

The northern brushtail possums is closely related to the common brushtail possum. It is found in the Northern Territory and the extreme northern part of Western Australia. The northern brushtail possum is mainly found in eucalypt open forests and woodland as well as urban areas.

Northern brushtail possums feed on the leaves, fruits and flowers of ironwood, wattle, melaleuca and eucalypt trees. Possums den in large hollows found in the savanna and also make nests in the trees out of dried leaves and twigs to sleep in called dreys.


In comparison to the common brushtail possum, northern possums are smaller in size and have a thinner tail.

How to identify

When look at camera images remember northern brushtail possums are the biggest tree mammals on the Tiwi islands. They have a large tail and pointy nose. And are light cream underneath and grey on the top.

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