Savanna Glider

Savanna Glider (Petaurus ariel)

The Savanna Glider occurs in the eucalypt-dominated tropical savannas of Northern Australia through Western Australia, the Northern Territory and western Queensland. It primarily found in eucalypt open forest and woodland with either a shrubby or grassy understorey.

The Savanna Glider feeds on Eucalyptus gum and the nectar and pollen on Eucalypts and Banksia. Savanna gliders den in hollows found in trees, they bring eucalyptus leaves in to make nests and often den in pairs or groups.


The Savanna Glider is similar in appearance to a squirrel glider (having a long-pointed nose) with a long bushy tail. It has well defined black bands on its face and back, with a creamy underside and grey back.

How to identify

When looking at camera images look for large rounded ears, long brushy tail and distinct face patterns.

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