Black-footed tree-rat

Black-footed tree-rat (Mesembriomys gouldii)

The black footed tree rat is found across northern Australia, from east Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland. It is most commonly found in open woodlands, riverine areas, along the coast and are occasionally found in the Darwin urban region.

They are nocturnal and eat mainly fruit (most commonly pandanus). Black-footed tree rats den in large hollows in the savanna as well as nesting in the leaves of pandanus.


The black footed tree-rat is a large rodent with very long black ears. They also have black feet (hence their namesake) and have a very long black tail with a white tip at the end.

How to identify

When looking at camera images remember they have a darker shade of fur than the other species, a long body and tail. Their eyes, ears and feet are very dark.

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